School Counseling Degrees

School Counseling DegreePeople wanting to provide counseling services in school settings commonly complete School Counseling Degrees. School counseling degree programs are typically offered at the master’s degree level. Students often complete coursework in educational psychology, human growth and development, counseling methods, school and multicultural society, and statistics. Majority of programs also require students to complete practical experiences in actual school counseling environments to prepare them for future careers. Licensed school counselors or faculty members supervise the practical experiences. Some programs have on-site areas where students complete their practical experiences, such as a day school that employs a school counselor. The practical experiences enable students to gain a solid understanding on how to interact and interview children, provide counseling services, compose psychological reports, and administer tests. School counseling degrees provide students with the necessary education and training to help youth work through academic, social, and personal issues. Graduates of this degree are prepared to work as school counselors at varying education levels. The degree programs also prepare graduates for licensing examinations that are required by many states. Working as a school counselor can be very rewarding and make a difference in the lives of school-aged individuals.

How To Find The Top School Counseling Degrees Programs

Individuals who are searching for the best School Counseling Degrees programs should consider various factors to select one that meets both their educational and personal needs. Whether or not an institution is accredited is likely the most crucial characteristic of school counseling programs. Accreditation demonstrates that a particular institution has meet specific requirements and standards to offer high quality educational programs. The ranking of a school is another characteristic that is helpful in choosing the best school counseling degree program. Additional features that make some programs better than others include various academic resources, great financial aid options, and flexible learning options.

Examples of schools that offer top school counseling degree programs include Western Carolina University and Xavier University. Western Carolina University offers a master’s degree in school counseling that focuses on recognition, development, implementation, and assessment of counseling methods to meet the needs of school children in a varied society. Xavier University offers a master’s degree in school counseling that is divided into four groups of academic courses to provide students with a well-rounded education. Wake Forest University offers one of the best online School Counseling Degrees programs.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With School Counseling Degrees

There are many different School Counseling Degrees careers available. Elementary school counselors attentively watch students while they are completing learning and free play tasks. They also meet with teachers and parents to assess individual needs. Middle school counselors provide counseling services to middle level or junior students and they confer with teachers, staff, and parents to improve their success in helping students. High school counselors provide counseling to help high school students with mental health issues and they also help with academic planning. Some provide education on high school related topics like drug use or peer pressure.

The School Counseling Degrees salary depends on many different factors, such as education, experience, employer, location, and benefits. In general, elementary school counselors earn an average salary of $47,000 per year; middle school counselors $51,000 per year; and high school counselors $ 55,000 per year. Graduates of School Counseling Degrees have a wide selection of career opportunities.

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