Top 10 Best Online Master’s In Psychology Degree Programs

Online Master's in PsychologyGetting a respected, formal education online is certainly a worthy endeavor for many today and the online master’s in psychology degree can be a great way to go. Different from brick and mortar school attendance, getting an education of this sort online can allow great schedule flexibility for work and personal life, and in many cases, the exact same degree. Such online courses may require more self-organization and motivational skills, but the benefits can be great when it comes to attending an online school that is appropriately accredited and holds its own in the rankings. Youthful, high school graduates, middle-aged GED holders, and late career changers alike are all drawn to the benefits of today’s online psychology majors.

Details of 10 of the Best Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs

Listed below are some of the best schools for online master’s degrees in psychology.

Nova Southeastern University

NSU is a respected, community engaged, high, first-tier, research university, as cited by Florida Legislature and the Carnegie Foundation.

Summary: Nova Southeastern University was originally established in 1964 and offered limited graduate degree opportunities. Today, the university hosts an expansive schedule of majors and programs of study. The master’s in general psychology is one of the university’s respected, distance learning options. With this online, 30-credit M.S. in general psychology, students are prepared with extensive knowledge of psychological theory and research.

Tuition: The 2012-2013 academic year tuition rates stand at $24,500.

Capella University

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Capella University does the majority of its teaching online.

Summary: An M.S. in counseling or psychology from Capella’s online program is designed to prepare the student for modern, real-life application of that particular discipline. The University’s Harold Abel School of Psychology is much responsible for its proclamation as a “Best Grad School” by U.S. News Rankings. High School Counselor rankings were last reported at #246.

Tuition: As of the 2011-2012 academic period, tuition and fees were approximately $11,700.

Walden University

Students enrolling at Walden University join the likes of Bill Clinton and the proud blue, brown, and gold.

Summary: Walden University is renowned for its well-rounded, online rankings in social sciences as well as health education. U.S. News rankings and others have established Walden as a “Best Grad School” in these categories. The University is ranked at #80 for best online graduate education programs and #247 in high school counselor ranking.

Tuition: As of 2011-2012, tuition comes out to an approximate $12,810.

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Affectionately known as MSPP, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology specializes in one thing only: the study of the human mind.

Summary: As MSPP is a one-discipline educator, the school is setup with a distinct, four departments: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational and Leadership Psychology, and School Psychology. M.A. alumni from this online provider earn credential from a highly respected, one-focus school. Rankings establish MSPP as a best health school and best grad school.

Tuition: An online M.A. degree in Organizational Psychology carries an annual tuition of approximately $24,000.

Drexel University

Drexel University – proud home of the blue and gold dragon.

Summary: Drexel University consistently gets high marks and praise for many of its programs. It was named by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings as a top-200 university in the world. U.S. News and others consistently rate Drexel as a top performer in everything from program ratings to university operation and scientific research. The University rates #141 in psychology, #83 in national universities, and #3 up-and-coming school.

Tuition: 2012-2013 tuition rates are currently an approximate $36,100.

Grand Canyon University

Since 1949, GCU black, white, and purple has made its mark in the world of higher education.

Summary: GCU is a brick and mortar school based out of Phoenix, Arizona and is a proven source for distance learning. It is rated as a best health school by U.S. News and offers four M.S. degree programs: addiction counseling, professional counseling, general psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology. GCU’s ongoing rankings speak to the school’s quality with #63 online bachelor’s program, high marks in online graduate education, and other various accolades.

Tuition: Tuition for graduate-level, online courses is approximately $500 per credit.

Argosy University

19 campuses and a vast online learning venue are only part of what makes Argosy University an extensive, multi-disciplinary university system.

Summary: AU campuses can be found across the United States and can differ greatly. In parallel, the University’s online offerings also provide considerable diversity. Argosy boasts a world-renowned psychology program with a slew of big-name graduates such as Fernando Cabrera, Sujan Dass, Sonja Fisher, and Christian Gostecnik. Some of the University’s rankings include #16 best online universities, #30 2012 online college rankings, and #272 in high school counselor ranking.

Tuition: 2011-2012 tuition rates were an approximate $20,400.

California Southern University

California Southern is a premier University for undergraduate and graduate studies in business, psychology, criminal justice, and law.

Summary: Every program of study at CSU has been established as a “Best of.” The University’s distance learning opportunities are no different. Graduates from CSU’s online psychology programs are certain to be ready for real world application. Some of the school’s many favorable rankings include #5 up-and-coming school, #38 best value school, and #18 clinical psychology programming.

Tuition: Approximate tuition as of 2012-2013 is $44,460.

Northcentral University

Those wanting an esteemed bachelor’s or master’s degree online may benefit from a program from Northcentral University.

Summary: Northcentral is based out of Arizona, and is a relatively new establishment having been initially started in 1996. School concentrations are mostly geared toward business and technology management, education, and behavioral and health sciences. Noteworthy rankings include #96 best online bachelor’s programs and #258 in high school counselor ranking.

Tuition: 2011-2012 tuition rates were an approximate $11,010.

Meridian University

Petaluma, California’s own Meridian University is an exemplary, higher education provider in business arts, psychology, education, and the arts.

Summary: The University’s graduate-level, psychology degrees include M.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, and Ph.D. Psychology. Meridian’s psychology programs are designed with the specific goal of bringing together experiential and cognitive learning in a unique, yet highly effective dynamic.

Tuition: $15,300 is the current tuition rate.

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